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remote control outlet

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Etekcity 2*3 Pack Remote Control Outlet

MSRP: $101.99
Price: $42.99
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The Etekcity® Remote Control Outlet Switches are ideal for the remote operation of many electrical devices, including lamps, appliances, tools and more. Take instant, reliable control of your outlets for unprecedented convenience.

What's special about Etekcity® Remote Control Outlet?

This remote control outlet set is the perfect way to control any appliances, lamps, or other electronics plugged into an AC outlet. Operating on a radio frequency, it works through walls, doors, and floors for a range of 60 feet or more with no line-of-sight required. Not only can you control the outlets wirelessly, but buttons on the remote control outlet units can be used to turn appliances on or off as well. Power status LEDs on each outlet unit easily indicate whether an remote control outlet is active or not.
Easy to set up and use, this remote control outlet set is great for holiday decorations, christmas lighting, hard-to-reach lamps, turning on lights in the dark, and countless other uses. It is also great for anyone with limited mobility. Simply plug the remote control outlet unit into any wall power socket, and you’re all set! 

Get your Etekcity remote control outlet today!

  • Plugs into any standard wall outlet & operates through doors, windows and walls up to 100 ft
  • Perfect for lamps & small appliances. Great for use anywhere in your home
  • Remote & manual operation with power status indicating LED lights
  • Turn any electrical device On and Off at the touch of a button. If using outdoors, be sure to plug into a GFCI approved outlet
  • Turn lights on from anywhere (even outside)
  • Great for elderly seniors, or handicapped individuals, not to have to be dependent on others all the time.
  • 120 v 60 Hz voltage
  • 10 A current
  • Very low consumption: 1.8 w
  • Digital codes, no interference
  • Child protection
  • Max power for each remote control outlet: 1200 w
Package Content
  • 3x  Etekcity® Pack Wireless

    Remote Control Outlet

  • 2x  Remote Control
  • 2x  12 volt battery for the remote

This remote control outlet is available for wholesale purchase! Contact us for more information.
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1. James on 8/25/2013, said:

This remote control outlet worked out of the box and required no setup whatsoever. The range is pretty wide and extends through walls. Also, each of them consume just 0.75 watts. What will challenge you probably is how to fit these remote control outlets into power strips that are already being used. These remote outlets are BIG! It can be done, but it's probably easiest to use them in conjunction with an extension cord, where the extension cord would plug into the power strip allowing the device to lay somewhere else.
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2. Douglas on 8/24/2013, said:

We have two electronics devices in an inaccessible location. Like all electronics, they need to be reset occasionally, maybe once-twice a year. So, what we did is to install a pair of these, one remote control outlet on the switch, and another on the router, and power reset them remotely when needed. I test them every 3-4 months, before the office opens up. So far, they work just fine. The remote control outlet is really a good solution.
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3. Sam on 8/24/2013, said:

My folks have a similar product and I became very interested in one for myself to control a kind of tough to reach lamp in my bedroom. Found the remote control outlet as a balanced option for what I needed at a good price. Sure enough I plugged the remote control outlet in and it's been working great! Simple on/off functionality does the trick from about 6 feet away without line of sight, what more can I say?!
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4. John on 8/21/2013, said:

Purchased the 2*3 set remote control outlet because we have several lamps in our entry/family room that are difficult to get to. Having the very compact remote on a knee wall just on entering the house, can light up 3 lamps in very separate areas of the room instantly. extremely efficient and conveneient. The only con about it (so 4, instead of 5 stars) is that the units are a little large and take up most of the outlet space unless you are using a very small plug in the top socket.
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5. Chris on 8/20/2013, said:

My wife insists on lamps for the aesthetic, but walking to every corner of the room every time I enter and exit (prompted by my green personality) drives me nuts. These remote outlets the perfect solution. I have owned two remote outlets for over a year. The switch's battery lasted over a year with pretty heavy use; the other is still going strong. The farthest socket is about 25 feet from the switch, and we never have a problem with reception.
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