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Research Analyst

Marketing Anaheim, CA

As a Research Analyst, you will be working closely with multiple departments and teams to deliver both consumer and market insights through data and findings. This role is critical to the overall business development and we are seeking an efficient, detail-oriented research analyst to join our hyper growing organization. In this position, you will interpret, manage, and analyze research data in order to translate results into better solutions. You will work to facilitate greater returns through surveys, research calls, in-depth social analysts, in-depth customers feedback and reviews, user interviews, and analyzing habits and data of competitors.


  • Conducts research on a situation, a market, an issue, or a social context; assesses a project’s parameters, precise goals, or chance of success; explores consumer behavior; or examines trends in an industry

  • Identify and understand problems through forecasting, gap analysis, quantitative reporting, research, and statistical analysis

  • Analyze habits and data available from competitors and various marketplaces

  • Research market and industry trends and patterns

  • Perform qualitative and quantitative research and consultation on relative markets

  • Keep up-to-date knowledge of the industry and related markets being researched

  • Contact companies and agencies who can provide useful financial data

  • Create clear and useful reports and recommendations for organizational use

  • Compare ROI with past data and reports

  • Inform and advise various levels of management and stakeholders

  • Develop and conduct user surveys

  • Create detailed reports of findings

  • Simplify findings into comprehensive, informative, and effective presentations

  • Organize and store data for future research projects

  • Identify and integrate effective professional level software solutions for data implementation and report analysis

  • Recommend changes and improvements based on research findings


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business, IT, management, administration, economics, or information science

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with technical writing skills

  • 2+ years of experience in an applied research or data management environment; experience in IT, economics, business/systems analysis, quality assurance, or relevant position

  • Experience collecting, interpreting, and organizing data

  • Able to manipulate large, complex data sets using a variety of software applications (SPSS, SAS, Excel, Microsoft Office Suite), including the use of relational databases

  • Ability to prepare extensive reports and present findings to companies with clear and concise action advice

  • Able to perform statistical analysis

  • Working knowledge of the target industry and market

  • Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently

  • Attention to details and a commitment to accuracy

  • Ability to keep sensitive business financial information confidential