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Set Designer

Media Anaheim, CA

Company Description

Etekcity is an e-commerce retailer, IoT company, and family of successful household brands. We wouldn’t be surprised if you have one of our Levoit air purifiers in your living room, or one of our Cosori air fryers en route in an Amazon package. Maybe you’re really techy and you’ve set up several Voltson WiFi outlets at home with our app, VeSync.

Though we’re a young and energetic company, we’ve had tremendous success, and we’re constantly growing our team. As we garner more and more industry attention—just check out our awards from CES Innovation, iF Design, IGA, and Red Dot—we also need driven and talented people to join our team.

That brings us to you, and what you’d receive working here. Our employees are smart and hardworking individuals with great ownership over their projects—they’re confident in their work, yet know how to collaborate with open ears and a spirit of learning. If you’re down-to-earth, approachable, and easy to strike up a conversation with, this might be a great fit for you since work culture is a point of extreme pride and importance to us.

Job Overview

We’re building our media team and are looking for experienced, attentive, and reliable individuals who can partner with our media team. The position of set designer helps create the look and feel of a video through set design by working with cinematographer.


  • Carry out the art direction of the cinematographer 

  • Read scripts to get an idea of what the requirements and set will entail

  • Set decorate the shoot environment

  • Purchase/order the needed props (with reimbursement)

  • Take a design theme and turn it into reality that reflects the brand image

  • Produce plans, drawings, and models of sets

  • Select furniture, wall coverings, floor coverings, and large props to be used in set

  • Capture time period and mood with adequate props and lighting

  • Analyze stage entrances and exits to ensure set is properly and safely situated

  • Ensure stage is properly broken down and disposed of after use

  • Manage budgets & Prepare Estimates of Set Costs

  • Location Scouting

  • Attending rehearsals/film takes if need be

  • Meeting with and commissioning set construction or agency companies


  • Shows good design skills

  • Able to follow precise directions and high follow-up skills

  • Able to self-manage and great time management skills

  • Able to work well under pressure

  • Able to read art direction requirements and high-level vision

  • Good spatial awareness

  • Excellent problem solving abilities to accomplish the vision of the cinematographer 

  • Able to visualize the set based on script and requirements

  • High attention to details to ensure set areas are well executed

  • Control expenses for props and work around budget requirements

  • Ability to direct a team to carry out a set design

  • Skills for building set elements from scratch 

  • Skill to design custom sets from concept to completion

  • Creatively able to repurpose props to meet budget requirements

  • High attention to details to ensure set areas are well executed