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Etekcity Voltson 15A WiFi Smart Mini Plug with Night Light, Works with Alexa and Google Home- ESW15-USA

Model No:ESW15-USA

  • Powered by VeSync: The free VeSync app lets you control multiple smart outlets right from your phone. Track Energy Usage: The VeSync app tracks and reports how much power each device uses. Eliminate wasteful standby power and save big on electric bills.Specification:Size: 4.13 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches (fit the electrical outlets)AC voltage: AC 120V (50/60Hz) Maximum AC current: 15A Maximum AC power: 1800w3500K Warm light night lightNote: A secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network is required. Voltson Smart WiFi Outlet with Automatic Night Light (15A/1800W) Pairing your outlet with the free VeSync app makes turning on devices as simple as a tap of your finger. Use the Schedule function to have your daughter’s bedroom lights turn on right at sunrise. Or, with one simple setting, your porch lights can be on and waiting for you before you get home. Convenient features like Away Mode, Device Sharing, and Energy Tracking give your home a competitive edge in a generation of innovation. Rethink the way you do smart. Automatic Night Light (3500K) Energy Monitoring 15 Amp Capable: safe for heaters, AC units, refrigerators, and more Works with Alexa and Google Home Schedule Function Away Mode Sunset and Sunrise Schedules Complete Voice Control Saying, 'Alexa, turn off my bedroom,' lets you turn off every grouped device in your room with one command. Connect to Alexa and Google Assistant for the added convenience of voice control. 2 in 1 Smart Heavy Duty Outlet Remote Control Need a light on when you get home? VeSync lets you turn on your outlet from anywhere. With Internet access, you can control, share, and schedule your devices no matter where you are. Automatic Night Light Equipped with a specialized night light and responsive light sensor, the 15A Smart Outlet is the ideal nighttime accessory. Use the free VeSync app to control your night light manually or automatically. 15A Power Rating The Voltson Smart WiFi Outlet’s 15 amp capabilities enable it to safely power big appliances like space heaters and AC units. Keep Your Home on a Schedule Imagine a warm brew of coffee waiting for you in the morning, a home whose lights come alive right when you wake up—that’s the power of VeSync’s Schedule feature. Preset schedules to turn devices on or off, exactly when you need them to be. Compact Design A powerful outlet that doesn’t obstruct other outlets. Enjoy the added safety of the 15 amp capabilities, while still getting the full versatility of the original Voltson Smart WiFi Outlet. No Hub Required No need to worry about setting up confusing central hubs. Etekcity’s smart outlet simply connects to your WiFi. Enter your password once in the VeSync app and you’re good to go. Save Money & Energy Track energy and device usage. See how much you’re really spending on electricity, and use the in-app power-saving features to make any needed adjustments.

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