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Etekcity Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Rechargeable BP Monitor Machine with LED Display and Speaker, 2-User with 90 Memory Each, Soft Wide-Range Cuff

Model No:EBP-UA5

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Using The Blood Pressure Monitor


1. Rest in a comfortable area for at least 5 minutes
before measuring to ensure the best results.
2. Plug the air plug into the air port. Make sure
the air plug is completely inserted to avoid air

Note: Your upper arm should be bare or wearing
only thin material. 
3. Place the cuff on your upper left arm with the
air hose on the inside of your arm. The band
should not be wrapped too tightly (leave space
to insert about 2 fingers) and the lower edge of
the cuff should be about 0.8–1.2 in / 2–3 cm away
from your elbow. 

4. Select a user.
5. Place your arms on a surface so the cuff is at
the same level as your heart. Your arms should
be in a relaxed, natural position.
6. Press to begin measuring. Relax and avoid
moving or talking while measuring. When the
measuring is finished, the results will display.
Wait 3 minutes before taking a second
measurement, if necessary. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Why are my blood pressure readings different?

• The area you are in as well as your mental and
physical state both factor into your readings.
Your readings may come out lower when you
are at home and at peace as compared to when
you are at the hospital and feeling nervous.
• If the cuff position is higher or lower than
the heart, the blood pressure reading may be
inaccurate. Make sure the cuff is 0.8–1.2 in /
2–3 cm away from your elbow.
• The cuff may be too loose, causing the blood
pressure reading to be too high. Tighten the
cuff on your arm.
• Your sitting posture, such as bending over
or sitting cross-legged, can raise your blood
pressure. Sit in a chair with your arms elevated
on a table .
Why are the blood pressure readings different
every time I measure?

• Your blood pressure will vary throughout the
day, even if it is measured every 10 seconds. It
will fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Eating,
drinking, smoking, bathing, and even your
mood can all affect your blood pressure.
Why does my arm ache or feel numb after taking
my blood pressure?

• The cuff will inflate to compress your arm to
briefly stop the flow of blood. This may cause
temporary numbness and discomfort. Once the
cuff is removed, allow your arm to rest.
Why is the cuff not inflating?
• Air may be leaking. Check to make sure the air
plug is inserted in the air port and the air hose
does not have holes or punctures. 

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